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Online Application
Any Nepalese individual and NRN People who wants to have personal savings/Current account with Agricultural Development Bank.
The account can be opened by visiting ADBL’s website ( Go to the website=ADBL Online Account = Open Saving or Current Account =Choose the products= Fill the form/attach the documents= Submit.
The account can be opened by visiting ADBL’s website ( Go to the website=ADBL Online Account = Open Saving or Current Account =Choose the products= Fill the form/attach the documents= Submit.
You will be able to open personal Current/Saving account online.
The account opening application will take you approximately 5 to 10 minutes to complete. After submission of application form with all the mandatory details and documents required , they are verified and you will be able to receive an account number on next working day.
An account can be opened with 0 account Balance, but for transaction you must maintain the minimum balance. Minimum balance depends upon the type of account you choose to open online .However, if you failed to deposit minimum balance within 3 months from the date of account opened, we might close your account.
Interest rate depends on the type of saving account you choose to open online. Please refer to for rates in detail.
Yes, you must approach a branch within 90 days of submission of the form online. This may not be relevant in case original vetted document is received.
You can deposit amount or transfer fund in your account after you receive a confirmation that your account has been successfully opened. However, withdrawal/fund transfer from your account facility can be provided only after verification of your original certified documents.
You can view your account status/balance through ADBL Mobile Banking, You can download ADBL Smart app through play store. Please go through /ADBL Mobile Banking Activate.
No,Accounts can be opened only through online or in person.
We ask for your e-mail address so that we can send you notifications regarding the status of the account opening process and further communications once the account is opened and operated.
Once you have submitted your information online and have received notice that your account application has been acknowledged, it will take next business day to process your new account. If we have any questions during that time, we will contact you by phone or e-mail you have provided. You need to provide or come up with & Cheque book Collection. After completion of this process, account details and documents provided will be verified and you will have an access to account for operation and transaction in ADBL after providing all the required documents for KYC and Signature by yourself.
Following documents are required to open an online Account. Simplify KYC form ,PP size Photograph, Citizenship/Passport, Voter Card, Driving License , Social Security No, Birth Certificate.
After getting accounting confirmation message you can deposit money in that account. For withdrawal facility , you must submit all the original of required documents to the branch. You must sign and thumb in the application. After document verification branch will prepare signature card and issue the cheque book. Then, you can withdrawal money from your account.
Interest bearing accounts will begin accruing interest after money deposited in your account. Bank provides the interest on daily balance and in every quarter end amount of interest will be capitalized in your account.
To make your opening deposit online, you can make a transfer of fund If you are abroad, you can transfer/ deposit in your account through internet banking from your existing account at another financial institution.. We suggest you to apply for an internet banking service provided by ADBL.
Any individual who has account with us can apply for debit card. However, we advise abroad staying customer not to opt for debit card because it is not valid except in Nepal and India.
NRN People having a valid NRN Card, Passport and Visa are allowed to open bank account with ADBL.